Woah, Sorry I suck

Well I shit the bed hard this week, didn’t I?

Just giving you a quick update to whats going on. I work at the family business, which means it has it’s up and it most definitely has it down’s.

Some Positives –

1. You can be late – you can’t make it a daily thing, but if sometimes you come in at 9:10-9:15, it’s not the end of the world.

2. Boring day? Take a long lunch – I have to admit I have taken 2 hour lunches before.

3. Blog about it – When I have downtime at work, I’ll open up this bad boy and post something new.

4. G-Chat – G-Chat all day, everyday.

5. Work ends at 3:30-4 – Can you tell me a job that you leave for the day at 3:30-4 and still get paid great money?

Now, if you are reading this and think to yourself “Wow, rub it in asshole” let me lists some negatives for you.

Some Negatives – 

1. The work day ends, but the work discussion never does – Dinner, weekends, mornings, nights..work questions are never off limits.

2. Countless firings – If I had a dollar for every time I have been fired, I would probably be able to retire and live comfortably right now. (I am currently fired right now, I’ll be back to work tomorrow)

3. Leeeets get ready tooooo rumbleee – Oh yes, you read that one right, when you have two bosses and one is your dad and the other is your brother..you bet your ass it goes down. I may or may not have walked out of the office with a ripped shirt after a heated conversation with my older brother.

4. Flexible hours – I know I listed that as a positive, but it works both ways..If someone needs to be at the office at 8am guess who gets that honor?

5. It’s your fault – Something went wrong? Of course it’s your fault. People are late? Yup, you caused the traffic.

I promise once i’m back at work my routine will become normal again. Until then, i’m funemployed and loving it right now.



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