Spotlight – Birthday Week Edition

It’s that time of the week folks. This is usually my favorite post to do during the week. It’s simple, I already know what the topic will be, and all I need to do is figure out who will be featured.

This week I decided I would use a theme. The two people who are featured had their Birthday’s this week.

Introducing the birthday boy and girl…Will and Dee.

Ladies go first, so here’s Dee.

Get It Dee

Today is actually her birthday so get it girl’s are in order. One word to describe Dee would have to be ‘Wild“. She is a small girl with a loud mouth, a surprisingly raspy voice, and curses like a sailor. Not too long ago a few of us from college had a little video chat date and she actually took us all outside with her on a cigarette break. May have been one of the funniest experiences of my life. Shaping the minds of the future by day, drunk and wild animal at night. When Dee comes out, you know its going to be a fun night.

Insight on Dee – One night we all went to a pregame at our friends house before heading to the city to celebrate a friends birthday. After a great night out, everyone came home their drunkest. I was lucky enough to be in the cab that arrived back to our friends house with Dee first. She was so drunk that she was convinced everyone else was home and in one of our friends bedrooms. I watched in awe as she grabbed a butter knife and started trying to break in to the the bedroom. She ended up getting caught with the butter knife in the door as our friends came back about 10 minutes after.

Dee taking us on a cig break

Dee breaking in the door

Next up – Will 

That's about right..

If you ever had to pick a picture that would sum someone up, this is the picture. Will is one of a kind in every way possible. He’s one of the few people that if you didn’t meet him in college, you would graduate feeling like you missed something. Will and I lived together for two years during school, and I have some stories that I could probably get arrested for. (we’ll have to leave those out) Climbing up a billboard, playing ring and run and getting arrested, egging people, MC Hammer for Halloween, climbing mountains to found ‘the spot’ or anything in between, it was never a dull moment with this guy.

The infamous "ring and run" night

Insight on Will – His birthday is exactly two months after mine. Junior year of college we lived in a house with 8 other guys, and for Will’s birthday we decided to throw a party for him. This party turned into one of those parties that you see in the movies, you don’t know anyone there, you can’t find anyone that lives there, you have no control whatsoever, and to top it all off the cops came. Don’t get me wrong, before the cops came we were having a great time, our landlord stopped by with a handle of Patron for Will’s birthday. Will kind of went missing for awhile, turns out he passed out on one of the couches  upstairs. The cops saw him, tried to wake him up, but he was basically dead to the world. Make a long story short, we got a ticket for noise and a meeting with one of the Dean of Dick’s at our school.

Best picture Ever

That’s the Spotlight for today…stay tuned, you never know when you might be on it..


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