Who would you want to drink with?

Sorry I didn’t post yesterday, I was pretty busy at work and then had to head to an interview. Something had to be cut out of the picture and sad to say it was Thursday Throwback.

Yesterday at my interview the guy asked me “Living or dead, who would you want to have dinner with?” In a situation like that my usual asnwer would have instantly been Lil Wayne, but I figured that isn’t the ‘hire me’ answer they would have been looking for. I thought about it quick and found an awesome answer…Steve Jobs.

Since I consider myself an honest person, do I really want to have dinner with Steve Jobs? Ehhh kinda, but he wouldn’t be the first 5 on my list. I’d still take Weezy and his purple drank any day.

That question had me thinking though, screw dinner…what celebrities do I want to drink with?  I thought long and hard about this, and here are my top 5.

1. Lil Wayne


I don’t know what it is about Lil Wayne but I love him. I  think he would be a great time to go out with. He’s got a creepy ass presence about him that I like. I can see myself making him say funny things in his weird ass voice all night just for my entertainment. He’s a rapper but tries to act like a rocker, he’s a mess. He would be first on my list to drink with.

2. Megan Fox


Megan Fox needs to be on this list because she might be a terrible actess, but she is amazing. She makes the list because if we were drinking together she might get drunk enough to hook up with me. That’s really all that needs to be said for her.

3. Charlie Day 

Love this guy

Charlie Day is hilarious. A night out with him would be epic. He would do funny things, say funny things, and like Lil Wayne, he has a weird sounding voice. Imagine a conversation between Lil Wayne and Charlie Day? It would be unreal. Just like Lil Wayne, I would probably have Charlie do and say funny things that I can laugh at. He also seems like a big shot taker/shot buyer, and every group needs one of them.

4. Rihanna

Big Red.

On the way to the drinking festivities on Homecoming, I made a proclamation in the car that if I could only listen to 5 artists for the rest of my life Rihanna would be one of them. I meant what I said, every Rihanna song gets stuck in my head. She is beautiful, and has an accent that I like. Her lastest music video for “We found love” really helped her get on this list because it looked like she knows how to have a great time. Get it Ri-Ri.

5. David Guetta

A legend

I would have said Tiesto but I think the language barrier would have been a tough one to get over. All kidding aside, I think David Guetta is awesome. His music is great, can you name one song he’s done that you don’t like? I really can’t. In all his videos he looks like he is having a great time, and at the end of the day he’s a DJ, how perfect would that be for your party? “You can turn off your iPod, we have Guetta here”

Those are my 5. I think they are a pretty random group of people, but then again, the people I hang out with in real life are a pretty random group of people.

Who would make it on your top 5?


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One response to “Who would you want to drink with?

  • MZ

    Here we go:

    1. Charlie Sheen. A given

    2. Wiz Khalifa. Another given

    3. Rihanna. She’s ridiculous

    4. David Guetta. Totally agree with you

    5. Flo Rida. I don’t know whats about him. He just seems really cool

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