Hangoverbible Spotlight

It’s that time of the week again, the Spotlight. Now since I’m not made of friends I decided that I need to stop showcasing 5 people each week and cut the number down. So starting today the Spotlight will consist of 3 people.

Today’s 3 victims are – PaulKim & Spanish

Here he is

Paul is just about as special as he looks in that picture. He’s a funny kid who doesn’t cross the line…he takes a plane and fly’s over it. Diarrhea of the mouth is something Paul suffers from regularly. He get’s very drunk, shakes his shit, says absurd things, but all around is hilarious. He may or may not be immune to a hangover. Prime Memory of Paul: My 22nd birthday in Atlantic City, he spent from 2 am to 10 am on a table, lost about 2 grand came upstairs, decided we needed to leave, chugged about a quater of a bottle of vodka and re-blacked out.

He's a natural at making those faces

Usually ladies go first, but around here everyone is fair game..here’s Kim

Kim and the cabbie

Kim is always a guaranteed good time. She is hilarious during the pregame, at the bar, when we get home, and the next morning. Her mannerisms and facial expressions are classic. She has a slight obsessions with the Asian community. She also loves asking where you got your outfit from. Every time she does the clothing game, you can rest a sure that I am dying in the corner. Prime Memory of Kim: At the bar and Ray Rice walks by us, she stops and grabs his shirt, telling him that she loves True Religion and goes to check the size, he looks at her like she has 50 heads and walked away.


And to finish the Spotlight, I give you Spanish


I accredit Spanish for helping me graduate college. She works hard and plays harder. Sometimes, she plays hard while at work. If you want someone to drink with on a random Tuesday night, this is your girl. She is down to drink anytime, anyplace, anywhere. You will notice that I didn’t say, anything because Spanish is strictly a Vodka girl. Seriously, Absolute, Grey Goose, Three Olives, if you want a spokesperson for how great your Vodka is, look no further. Like a few others that I have mentioned before on this blog, Spanish finds herself in the “We don’t get hangovers club”. I don’t know how she doesn’t but she really doesn’t. Prime Memory of Spanish: Drunken grinding Sophomore year of college on someone, with a a plate of buffalo wings in her hand claiming “buffalo wings are my weakness”.

Span on the left and her cousin Not-So on the right.

Thats today’s Spotlight. Will you be next?


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You know that feeling when you open your eyes on a Sunday morning and you just want to die? You think to yourself, "this is rock bottom" and you know that you are in for a hell of a day. Well this is the place for you. Welcome home... View all posts by hangoverbible

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