That’s pretty annoying…

What really annoys you? I have a list that can go on for days of things that really get under my skin. All different types of things, living things, smells, situations, words… you name it.

Here’s a list of things that annoy the shit out of me.

1. Strawberry Milk – I hate the smell, the look, and when people drink it around me.
2. Milk that has been left out – It gets that warmness to it and the develops a weird smell.
3. The word “Belly” – It just sounds nauseating.
4. The word “Refreshing” – I don’t know why, but when people say refreshing around me it makes me think of people sipping lemonade in the summer.
5. The word “Beverage” – Put the words Refreshing and Beverage together around me and I might swing at you.
6.  When people refer to getting drinks as Cocktails – “I can really go for a cocktail right now” – Get over yourself.
7. People that answer text messages hours after the fact – We all know you looked at the phone, just answer already.
8. The ?? person when waiting for a reply – I understand that me saying “nothing much” is pretty urgent but the house is burning down, can you give me a minute?
9.  The person who knows more about your friend than you do – Can’t tell them a story without them having the alternate ending for you.
10.  A wet toilet seat – Sitting on a wet  toilet set is the perfect way to ruin a morning.
11. The sound of a fork skimming against someones teeth – When I eat with someone and they do that, I want to throw up all over them, it is one of the worst sounds in the world.
12. Anything involving a broken collar bone – I don’t know what it is but when I hear a story about it or anything involving a broken collar bone, I instantly grab my collar bone and jerk my head down like I have a problem.
13. The question “So what are you doing with your life?” – It’s a sore subject…SHIT
14. 1 word replies – K, Yea, Nope . Are you mad? No? Cut the shit then.
15. When people agree with EVERYTHING you say – When I notice someone is doing that, I start contradicting myself so I can watch you squirm.
16. People who constantly cross the line – Sure I can dance pretty close to it, but when you hurdle over the line, you went too far.
17. When people always have a crisis – Can”t ask how someone’s day is going without hearing how they almost lost everything today.
18. When people take your stories and make them your own – It happens to me a lot more than you would think.
19.  The term “smh” – I can’t tell you how annoyed I get when I see that on statuses and tweets.

and finally…

20. Little kids on Twitter and Facebook – They think who the hell they are, they like everything, and are just plain annoying as shit.

What are some of your Pet Peeves? 


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12 responses to “That’s pretty annoying…

  • Bill Keryc (@billkeryc)

    You nailed the “smh” and “k” responses. Really fucking annoying.

    One of my pet peeves is people who are grown adults and still smack their lips and make noises while they’re eating. I lived with a roommate who’s GF did that for literally everything. And seemed to eat every kind of food that amplified this (cereal was a big one). You’re 24 years old and you sound like a fucking cow munching on a farm. Learn how to eat.

  • MZ

    Strawberry Milk is the worst.
    Smh is dumb because I always try and pronounce it at first.
    I am guilty of the 1 word replies.

    You wanna know what the worst is? Drinking from a cold water bottle a half hour from removing it from its original place of coldness. There’s nothing worse than drinking water that you can tell used to be cold at one point, but just tastes stale. Ugh

  • Cait Farrell

    When people say they’re standing ONline instead of IN-line. (Online is the internet)

    When people chew with their mouths open

    Poor hygiene

    When people can’t specify between your and you’re and there, their, and they’re.

  • LisaaLinh

    This is a great post. I have one on pet peeves as well. Check it out if you want 🙂


  • youcanhumpmyleg

    My biggest annoyance is telling somebody you’ve done something but they’ve done it ten times bloody better !!!!!

  • MZ

    Another thing…

    When people (Windows and Macs) have their task bar/tray on the sides or top. Its supposed to be at the bottom and thats it.

  • Kayla

    I’m dying in class right now…as I was reading about collar bones I was cringing (and I’m cringing right now writing about it)

    And since I’m in class you know what I hate?..overachieving nitwits who can’t keep their opinions or questions to themselves. And people that can’t help but ask what you got on a test/paper. kill yourself.

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