Halloween Pregame

Halloween is basically here. It’s that time of you when no matter how cold it is outside the girls will be dressed their sluttiest. In college, it was basically our Christmas.

Every Halloween there are a few things that always happens, 9 out of 10 girls are dressed as slutty as can be, with the excuse “It’s Halloween!”, every guy tries to out-funny each other, the token couple will be in the token couple costume, there’s always that 1 guy who’s costume you just don’t understand and they pull you aside to explain it, and finally, there’s that girl who’s costume just flat out sucks. It happens every year, and if you don’t think so…look around this year.

In a past post of mine I showed everyone that I love the obnoxious costume.Not gonna lie, my costume this year is sick. (Don’t want to give it away too soon)

And now, here comes the costumes of Halloween’s past….

Lenette and Closs killin it with the slutty..

Caption says it all, these two are killin it with the typical “Skanky on Halloween” look. Get it girls.

Woah with that face

If only you can win a costume contest on the faces you make. This costume is an original, looks like a cowboy had sex with a melting duck who farted.


Ahhhhh, gotta love the pop culture costume. How many Snooki’s were there last Halloween? It looked like the world was being attacked by orange guidettes last year. Believe it or not, the little gem in that picture is my 15 year old little brother. Killed it.

If only a picture can tell a story...

Brian single handedly made my Halloween last year. The costume was cool, but when he slammed his sword in our other friends eye (by accident)  put the cherry on top of a great Halloween. Kerns, to this day i’m still so sorry for laughing that hard, but it was one of the funniest things I have ever seen.

Thank you God for this

Our resident 2 day hangover queen clearly doesn’t take Halloween lightly. I can’t even write anything else about this costume because I am dying at my desk looking at that picture hahahahaa

Not his best..but..

Grease is an okay costume and all, but I can’t put a post up about funny shit and not include Chaney in it. I can confirm his costume this year will be 10x better.

Remember the costume no one gets? Here it is..

Sorry if I sound like a hater and all but shit, what the hell were you?

Bill and Sookie


Lets give credit where credit is due. This is the couple costume section. Can’t knock it though, those were legit costumes. When you date a guy like John, like it or not you are going hard with your Halloween costume. I’m actually pretty excited to see what they do this year.

Top Gun +Face

Large Sorority Girls

Legends of the hidden temple

Group costumes always kill it if you do it right way. Above are pictures of three groups who do the damn thing.

Bull as a Taco

Hotdog costume '07

Whoever decided to turn food into Halloween costumes, I would like to take a shot with. Being a piece of food for Halloween is a hilarious concept.

Serious Will

The pose in this picture is amazing. Y0u have to love it when people get into character for Halloween. Above is my buddy Will just playin the part of a vampire. #getitwill

And those were just some of the more memorable costumes from Halloweens past. I wonder whats in store for this year.  I’ll leave you with 1 more thing….

Damn..Happy Halloween from Kayla and her twins..

What are you being this year?


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