Thursday Throwback – Hello Pub House

Sophomore year of college was the year of the Fake ID. Everyone had one, good or bad. Luckily for me, my older brother is 4 years older than me and we look a like so I was set. One night, three of our friends who lived next door, Tracy, Britt, and Kristin came home from a bar in the city and decided they still wanted to go out. The came to my dorm and somehow talked me and my roommate Will to come out with them. We thought it would be a joke of a night because we only had a team of 5, we were going to some random ass bar that no one has heard of before, it was a Sunday night, and above all else…we were only 19. The 5 of us took a cab to this run down ridicilous bar. You know when you see a movie and the main characters walk into a situation and stand out like a sore thumb? That is exactly what happened to us.

After dodging dirty looks from the locals for the first 5 minutes we sat down and ordered some drinks. We were all practicing our bests lies that night because the stories we told this poor bartender were ridiculous. My lie was that Britt and I were cousins and I was from out of town. In real life, Britt was from California, and we didn’t have one similarity to save our life. The bartender believed it and still believed it after I took a body shot off her. The five of us were really drunk that night. Playing the most obnoxious music on the juke box, taking body shots, going behind the bar and making our own shots and so on.

Here’s when the story goes from 0 to 60. Will and I were pretty drunk and found the basement where they kept all the beer, liquor, and merchandise. The moment we saw this should be compared to a Christmas morning moment. Pure excitement. We stayed in the basement for like an hour, drinking as much of the warmest/free-est beer we can handle. It was great, we would come upstairs and tell the girls, then sneak them some beer too. For broke ass college kids, we found the jackpot. The best part about all of this was that girls kept feeding the bartender so many shots that he was blacked out. At this point, Will and I didn’t even give a shit, it was just natural..”Oh you need a beer? Hold on i’ll go downstairs and get you one.” It was basically our bar. We ended up leaving that night spending like 5 dollars, with armfuls of free shirts, posters, and whatever else we can fit.

Those beers were free.

WIll. Tray, Kris, Me

Me and my "cousin" Britt

After that night we treated this place like a fort, we were very selective who we took out with us. We had a routine, the girls went straight to flirting with the bartender. He would black out, the girls became the bartenders and we had free beers all night.

Slowly but surely this place started getting more attention, everyone started going to it and it wasn’t even a good time there anymore. For Will and I, free beers were out of the question. The girls were still getting attention, but it was nothing like it used to be, only thing we got for free were shots.

Those were free

Once this place got popular it flat out sucked going there.  Everyone was there and you could hardly move. The bartender got beyond paranoid and would yell and scream at everyone the second we walked in. I mean if you have such a problem with it, just check ID’s right? That clearly wasn’t how he rolled. What really put this place on the RIP list was when a fight broke out and we all had to run from the cups. That was rock bottom.

Are you more of a Dive Bar person or a Lounge person? 


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