HangoverBible Spotlight

Wednesday at the Bible is my favorite day of the week. Every Wednesday I like to do the HangoverBible Spotlight. If you aren’t familiar with the Spotlight it’s very simple. I take 5 of my friends and classify them on how they are drunk/next morning hungover. It’s my way of showing you how dirty I get, with the people I get dirty with.

Today’s roster consists of: Derek, Amanda, Mia, Trevor, and wrapping it up Sileo.

Lets begin, shall we?

Starting us off is Derek.


Derek may be one of the funniest people I know. He’s one of my best friends and most outrageous friends. Going out with Derek pretty much assures you are going to black out that night. When I say Derek goes hard, I mean he goes HARD, I’m talking losing teeth at the bar hard. (I’m not joking) He will go out and get dirty with the best of them. Hangover wise I’m sure he gets them but the next morning when I see him 9 out of 10 times he’s definitely still drunk.

Thatta boy

Up Next – Amanda 

A beast

Amanda is a wild animal when she goes out. One of the most out of control people you will meet. She will make you pee you’re pants laughing while you’re out and even when you get home. Sometime’s Amanda dances on the line of no return. I’m talking text messages making no sense at all, slurring all of her words, even falling and breaking bones. The next morning Amanda’s hangovers are just as wild as she is, she has no problem making you pull over on the side of the road to throw up, actually she has no problem throwing up anywhere. She wears her heart on her sleeve, you know exactly how she is feeling. If you are unlucky enough to be in the carpool with her and she wants to go home she will text the absolute shit out of you to leave. Overall though, she is a hilarious time.

There's our girl...

Tough act to follow, but here’s Mia.

Get It Girl

Thankfully, Mia has calmed down through the years. You don’t get the nickname Noodle Legs for nothing, but that nickname is long gone. Mia is notorious for having two water bottles in her hands, one of vodka and one of a chaser. She can and will throw down with the best of them. Till this day though, Mia will only dance on her birthday, loves to take shots and puts you in the most awkward situations of your life. Mia gets dangerously hungover, I think she may have invented the two day hangover.

She also never has bad pics on FaceBook..

Here’s Trevor the Texan.

Blurry, but hilarious

Trevor was my roommate all 4 years of college. This guy went from hardly drinking in freshman year to killing handles sophomore year, to blacked out fighting junior year, to out of his mind senior year. He went from social drinker to a tank. Trev used to get himself so drunk that he would get pretty vicious bruises, cracked head, cut open eye, random scratches, you name it, he has had it. Going out with Trev always has an uncertainty to it. You never knew how he would get, usually he would be fun though and if you ever wanted to get in a fight, he was the best person to have in your corner. You will always have love for someone who drunkenly pissed in your closet.

Blacked Out Junior Year

Wrapping it up today is Sileo.


Sileo, or as I like to call him, Staten Island Sil is one of the greatest people to go out with. We have a lot of the same clothing which is pretty awkward so before we go out I usually get a text asking “what are you wearing tonight?” It may sound weird to you, but it’s weirder when two of the people you go out with are in the exact same shirt. I joke with Sil that him drunk and sober are the same thing, no difference. I may be kidding, I may not be, I’d like to showed otherwise by him. The one thing that cracks me up about Sil is that he dances on vacation and is a djais VIP.

Sileo last Halloween as "Elliot Roth"

That wraps up the Spotlight today. Check in next week to see if you make it on the list.



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