The Two Day Hangover

For all those who are reading the title of this post and know how a two day hangover feels, I truly am sorry for you.

I have had a two day hangover maybe once or twice in my life. Thankfully, I am not an expert on these. I got a text message yesterday from a friend, telling me that I missed a hangover on my type of hangover blog. The epic, Two Day Hangover.

(((This post may get a little graphic so read with caution)))


My first two day hangover was one of the worst two days of my life. I was young and it was one of my first times drinking. I had no clue what my limit was and I drank beer, vodka, and took shots of tequila until it started tasting like water. I ripped my pants, had liquor all over myself and somehow was dropped home. (Till this day, it hasn’t been determined how I got home) The next morning I woke up in my bed and felt fine, until I lifted my head from the pillow. The pounding of my head wasn’t even funny. I’m talking flu like symptons bad. I spent the whole first day throwing up until I got to that point where everything is out of your system an it’s basically stomach bile. (I said this was a graphic post) I showered and couldn’t shake the feeling so I spent the whole day dead in bed, thinking I would wake up on Sunday and feel fine. Sunday morning rolls around and let me tell you, I was shit out of luck. I was still getting the shakes, I wasn’t hungry at all, puking was my new favorite thing and I was beginning to question if this was a hangover or if I was actually ill. I also got to the mind frame that everything starts to smell like liquor. Soda – Vodka, Iced Coffee – Tequila, Milk Shakes – Jack Daniels.  That genius move on my part made for unnecessary bathroom trips. You end up getting over them but during that time they might be the worst feeling in your life.

Random side note – My good friend had vertigo and said that one time he drank while he had it and his hangover lasted 1 week. Here we are complaining about a two day hangover and this poor bastard had a seven day one?

I decided to text/gchat some friends and ask about their experiences. Here we go…

Anthony – Have you ever had a two day hangover?  Describe it for me..
Bullard –  Ok day 1- you pretty much want to kill yourself. You try everything in the book to shake this hangover,  tons of water, greasy food , making yourself puke, nothing helps. you’re basically a corpse. Then day 2 comes around.  I woke up and felt like I was hit by a mac truck, you have the headache but the nausea is gone.  Day 2, you upgrade from a corpse to a walking zombie and it’s pretty much a normal hangover day

Anthony – Have you ever had a two day hangover? Describe it for me..
Mike–  It was the worst. It was one of those that comes and goes whenever it wants, you’d think you’re ok like after the shower but then later you walk outside and it smacks you again.

Sounds pretty shitty to me.

Finally, we have the person who asked me to write about this topic in her own personal opinion.

This is called “Ask Cait”

Meet Cait

Anthony– “Alright Cait, I’m doing a post on the two day hangover, tell me all about it.”
Cait–  “Ohhhhhh Sheeeeet. Alright well first day, you wake up wishing you hadn’t. Stumble to the bathroom…look at yourself (wishing you hadn’t) brush your teeth but fuck the shower because lets be real, you need the darkness. Enter Savior Number 1 – Siesta Shades. They literally make your room a cave. Greatest invention since the wine opener. Then you pop about 7 Advil and try to pass out with the TV on low, while you’re randomly screaming at your roommates to shut the fuck up because you “are wayy more hungover than they are”. The majority of the day is spent like that, trying to choke down a Perrier or Gatorade. Finally, wake up around 8 or 9ish..only to be pissed off that all your roommates ate and smoked a blunt without you. Now you are pissed, grab some pretzels or something easy to eat and go back to the cave where you sulk the rest of the night. You have a horrible nights sleep because now you need some kind of stimulation because you’ve been a waste all day. Wake up mad early the next day in a dazed fog. Definitely grab a coffee and most likely a muffin, something to put in your stomach. But you walk around all day like a zombie, kind of lethargic, like you smoked wayy too much weed but you never did. In this cause you can either give in and smoke if you have nothing to do or if it’s Monday and you have work like me you can just pop an Adderal and face the fact that Ethiopian babies skip meals all the time. So you have a red bull and try to finish the day. No actual work or anything productive gets done at all within these 2 days, and you are most likely a cunt to everyone you come across.”

There you have it, a two day hangover from a classy  ladies perspective haha
Have you had a two day hangover? What was it like?

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