Weekend Recap – Homecoming

It’s that time of the week again, the only thing that makes Monday morning worthwhile…

The Weekend Recap – Homecoming edition.

This was a great weekend,I got to see a lot of people I haven’t seen in awhile, which is always a good thing. I also got to pretend I was back in college again and get ridiculous.


Friday night a few of us went to our buddies apartment so we can see Paranormal Activity 3. I love scary movies and I don’t get scared during them, but this movie scared the shit out of me. We went to a movie theater that might have also been a zoo/comedy club. This movie theater was ridiculous, everyone thought they were a comedian, after every scary part you had to hear 5 minutes of laughter and jokes from the audience. Believe it or not, movies aren’t an interactive experience, you do have to keep your comments to yourself during them. At the end of the movie I went to the manager complained and got 5 tickets refunded, aka the movie was on them. Not a typical move on my part, but sometimes it’s got to be done.

We ended up not drinking Friday night in preparation for Saturday morning. I always find that so funny, I call it the ‘Christmas Eve’. You get way too excited, go to bed early, knowing what great things the next day will bring. Kind of sad but as a kid it was gifts that made me excited, now as an adult its large quantities of alcohol.


Saturday morning hits, wake up to my alarm set at 9:15, shower, eat, start the day. We started at a kegger at our friends place. It was awesome because to start the day off we had like 9 people on the keg. After a decent amount of drinking games, I have to say I was starting to feel it and it was just hitting noon. We stayed at the keg for a little while longer before making our way to the beer tent. The alumni beer tent is like a right of passage gone wrong, while you’re an undergrad you can’t wait to get in there, and once your in there, its not as great as you thought it would be. After I was not allowed back into the beer tent and almost got arrested for talking to people still in the beer tent I went back to the kegger. We ended up going to one bar, leaving, going to another bar, leaving, and going back to the first bar. I made a pit stop and did work at McDonald’s before going back to the bar. After a lot of shots we decided to go back to the other bar. At this point in the night,I was running on empty and knew I didn’t have that much longer in me. While at the other bar, I had a few more beers,  took a shot of Jack and boom…the rest of the night started getting blurry. I don’t know how much longer we were at the bar for after that. I remember the cab ride home was one of the best rides ever, music bumping, I made up a horror story about how I get hit by a cab before. (Never happened but I like to make em up when they catch me trying to steal their certification) After purposly telling him the wrong way so we would be in the cab longer so I can shake it, I looked back and realized half the cab was asleep, it was time to go home.

Right after Tequila


Kim with the cab driver


Woke up, heard a quick recap of the night, nothing terrible done on my part. Deleted all texts/phone calls..didn’t answer any phone calls for a good hour, and was on my way. Went to the Jets game and continued my Sunday Funday.

Overall – great weekend 5 stars

How was your weekend? 


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