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Random Thought: 

I miss 4 Loko. I remember drinking them and having simple rules for myself. Drink 1, get drunk..Drink 2, black out..Drink 3, point of no return. I always had a great time with them too, they were cheap, tasted horrible, but never failed to get the job done. Thankfully, one of my sketchier friends has cases of them in the basement of their house. (I would have loved to be a fly on the wall while they were being purchased) The only negative aspect of a 4 Loko would have to be that it tasted like piss and the hangover it gave made you wish death was an option.

Speaking of hangover, that’s the topic of  this post.

There are so many types of hangovers, and I find that very rarely do people get the exact same one. There’s the person who can’t get out of bed, lights off, suffer in darkness type. The people who don’t move out of bed for the day. The people who just walk to the bathroom and throw everything up. The people who just don’t get the hangover. (I envy those people) The people who won’t stop telling you how hungover they are. (We get it champ, you drink) And finally the people who go about their day feeling like they got kicked in the face.

I fall in a mix of 2 categories, I walk around feeling like I got kicked in the face and I also find it very hard to leave my bed.

I’m welcoming you to “The Hangoverbible Spotlight

Today’s Spotlight features:  Brian, Will, John, Jill, Chaney

First Up: Brian 

If that's me on the right, thats Brian on the left

Brian is one of the fun/funniest people you will ever meet in your life. When you go out with him, throw all caution and rules to the window because you don’t know what to expect. I went to High School and lived with Bri at College. Brian lands his spot in the Spotlight because I have seen him at the point of no return, beyond drunk, almost dead. Then the next morning, wakes up at 7 am like usual, not a hangover in the world, ready to do whatever.

Next Up:  Will

Passed out

Will is the type of person who goes out and goes hard. However, when it’s home time…it’s home time. He has no problem passing out. This is the same kid that decided to do a flip at Harrah’s Pool Party in Atlantic City, getting kicked out the second he came in. (If you never went to AC, the pool party is a club, not a pool party) The next morning Will hurt’s a little bit, but he’s not the type that lets you know just how bad the hangover is.

Moving on: John 

And heeere's Johnny

John is really funny to write about. He’s from upstate so he says things differently. (Hard A’s) John goes out like Donald Trump, buys shots and drinks for everyone. End’s up getting pretty dirty. The next morning seem’s okay maybe a minor headache until he sees his bill from the bar last night. #GetitJohn

Next up: Jill 

Jilled up

Jill is the definition of day and night when shes drunk. She goes from sweet as sugar sober to pretty ghetto drunk. You don’t really want to mess with her. (Anyone who knows the train story will know why I said ghetto) Jill, like Brian are similar in that they get pretty drunk the night before, but never seem to have a hangover. In Jill’s hometown she had the name ‘Jilled Up’ coined after her.

And Finally: Chaney


Chaney is the perfect person to wrap up this line up. He has no limits, does whatever he wants, sounds like scooby-doo, and always has a great time. Next morning Chaney is known for keeping everyone up all night snoring his ass off, leaving hours after everyone else, and misses work…but that is why you gotta love him.

So there it is, the first Hangoverbible Spotlight. I think it will become a regular Wednesday thing around here. If you didn’t see your name on this, keep checking, one Wednesday you probably will show up.

What kind of Hangover Category do you fall in?


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