Weekend Recap

Wow, 4 posts in and I already start slacking? Don’t worry I’ll make it up to everyone, I promise. (Famous last words)

Before I get balls deep in my weekend, there’s one thing you all need to know about me. I get sick at the drop of a hat. Your cold = My Bronchitis. It’s a sick cycle, and it happened this week.

Now lets get into the weekend.


Woke up feeling pretty shitty, I went to work and made plans to go to Bloodmanor Haunted House in the City and then go out to some bars. After spending the 80 dollars for a ticket, I decided I really couldn’t go and ended up sleeping the whole night. Really shit the bed on that plan, right?


My friends and I ended up going to our friends place, pregamed and went to the bars. It was a great night, a lot of drinking, a lot of shot taking,  a lot of money being spent and a story the cab driver will never forget. Once we arrived home, it was time to continue drinking and prank call. 23 years old and prank calling STILL hasn’t gotten old. I have no doubt in my mind that i’ll be that dad at my kids sleepover parties pranking. (Creepy? Of course, gotta get over that though)


I left my friends house Sunday morning like a dirty stay out. I woke up, got my stuff together and did the walk of shame. Before I left, I heard the sound of some liquor puking, let me tell you that is one of the worst first things to hear when you wake up.

All in all, I would rate the weekend a 2.5 out of 5. I didn’t have a bad time at all, I just felt like pure dog shit and can’t have too much fun feeling like that.

How was your weekend? (Also, I will get back on my daily posting, really shit the bed on this one, eh?)


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You know that feeling when you open your eyes on a Sunday morning and you just want to die? You think to yourself, "this is rock bottom" and you know that you are in for a hell of a day. Well this is the place for you. Welcome home... View all posts by hangoverbible

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