Friday Eve – Throwback (Kinda)

So since the weekend is slowly approaching,  I decided I would make Thursday the weekend pregame around here. I will tell you a past, yet amazing throwback story.

This one isn’t that much of a throwback because it happened in July but it feels like forever ago.

My friend Chaney, John, Giancarlo (very italian), Amanda (See puking video below) Nicole, and myself decided we were going to pregame at Nicole’s apartment and then go out in the city. If anyone who reads this lives by New York City, you will remember the weather that night like it was yesterday. The night was hands down the hottest, most humid night over the summer, and the diva Nicole decided we HAD to get a table at a rooftop lounge in the city. Anyone who knows me can tell you that I am no stranger to sweating (I’m talking a strip of deodorant on my forehead before a job interview type of sweating). So naturally city rooftop lounge, liquor, and button down’s on the hottest, most humid night of the year sounds pretty wet.

After a heavy pregame, we decided it was time for the city. As soon we walked outside it was sweating season. In order to avoid the long obnoxious line we decided we would pay like 120 each person and get a table with bottle service. BAD IDEA. We get to the top of the roof, drenched in sweat and basically just drink and spray ourselves with one of those old school water bottle/fan things. Yes, it was that hot out, even a high end club put those comical little contraptions on the table. Naturally, at the end of the night one of the girls took it home with her.

My friends and I have this weird little routine that we seem to get into a lot. We drink too much, leap across the point of no return and basically will be out in social setting so drunk that we can’t speak, we just look at each other not saying anything. So the 6 of us are at that point, and the waitress comes over asking if we would like anything else. Of course, me being the obnoxious one of the group makes a declaration that “I want to black out tonight! We’ll take another bottle!”. Keep in mind, we were all already blacked out and that line was one of the first things uttered in about 15 minutes. The waitress came back with a fresh bottle of vodka and reality set in. We didn’t want this bottle at all. Tried returning it, got laughed at…asked for the cap, got laughed at, saw the bill, had a heart attack. Bill was over 700 dollars, and since we had this bottle already, we weren’t leaving it there. The girls made a makeshift cap from a hair tie and gum wrapper, threw it in the bag and called it a day.

Naturally, had to sign it

Next morning, I woke up with 4 missed calls and 3 texts from my bank, my credit card had been charged like 5 times for 400 dollars, reported it fraud, because I may have been drunk, but i’m never THAT drunk. Make a long story short, vodka was on them.

Thank you, its the least they could do for ruining my shirt that night.

Do you have any insane night out stories? Let me know..


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