You never want to be ‘That Guy’

A big pet peeve of mine has to be the person with absolutely no bar etiquette.

I’m talking the guy who’s no where to be found when its time to pay the tab. The guy who never puts his hands in his pockets when its his turn to buy the round of shots. The best is, the guy who isn’t drinking that night and will not be the DD for the group. If right now your thinking to yourself “Shit, I think that might be me” well 2 things for ya. 1 – Cut the shit 2- You still have time to change, it’s only Wednesday.

We all know one of those guys. I luckily have one that I have known forever, and it’s like talking to a wall. Goes in 1 ear and right out the other. Will take your shot, but you bet your ass he won’t be buying one back.

Here are some rules you should follow to not allow yourself to be “that guy”

1. Always buy the round..doesn’t matter if you are first or last. – If you are the last, I won’t even mind if you tell them the cheap shit, it won’t matter
2. Split the bill in half. – Bill’s are awkward enough, it’s not time for you to take out your calculator and start nitpicking.
3. It’s never time to go to the bathroom when the bill comes. – You bet your ass if you get up when the bill comes, we will all be waiting for you to come back.
4. Driving – No one like’s to do it  but sometimes it’s just your turn.
5. Designated Driver – If you aren’t drinking that night, you are driving that night.
6 . Don’t look like a dud when you go out. – If your going to a club/ lounge, wear the button down or graphic tee.
7. Bummin Cigarettes – It’s okay once in awhile when you run out, but if you never have a pack, invest in one.
8. Never complain about a free drinks quality or brand. – It’s free, suck it up.
9. Never be afraid to shake your shit. – In college my roommate shook his shit very weirdly, someone told him he sucked at dancing and he never did it again. Don’t let that happen to you.
10. Always go out with the intention of getting it girl that night.

Hope that helps – Straight from the bible.


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