Morning after video greatness

This video is very near and dear to my heart. I took the video and yes, that is my out of control cackle in the video.

This video stars someone who will be prominently featured on this blog. Amanda, the student teacher, is no stranger to going hard at night, and paying for it the whole next day/night. Anyone who was on the Bahama’s trip or the car ride home from Ocean City or even the car ride home from Atlantic City can vouch for me that this girl will puke ANYWHERE.

Before I post this video, let me give you the back story. Saturday night we all went to Atlantic City for the Deadmau5 concert at Borgata. It was out of control, everyone was dirty. Sunday morning ride home, everyone is hungover…but Amanda stole the show. We had to pullover on the side of the ride by Long Beach Island, NJ so that Amanda can get her vomit on. To make matters worse, after the puking finished, a cop pulled up asking if everything was alright and if she needed an ambulance. Had to stop the video there because the cop wouldn’t find any of this funny.

I don’t think you understand how funny this was, I could have died right then and there and my life would be complete.

And now the long awaited video…

Enjoy that bad boy.


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You know that feeling when you open your eyes on a Sunday morning and you just want to die? You think to yourself, "this is rock bottom" and you know that you are in for a hell of a day. Well this is the place for you. Welcome home... View all posts by hangoverbible

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