Halloween Hijinks

Not gonna lie, coming up with a topic/title for this wasn’t the easiest thing i’ve done today.

So since I’m not guilty of being an Alcoholic, I don’t have a story about the night before for you. Instead, I can hit you with some Halloween knowledge. Every year I stress myself out over getting the most obnoxious/inapropriate Halloween costume one can find.

I mean, really?

And then to top that one…

Look around at the other people..

So this year, I’m looking for the cream of the crop..and it has to have pockets. (dropping/breaking/losing shit isn’t foreign to me)

And on that note..that is all I have tonight #gig



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You know that feeling when you open your eyes on a Sunday morning and you just want to die? You think to yourself, "this is rock bottom" and you know that you are in for a hell of a day. Well this is the place for you. Welcome home... View all posts by hangoverbible

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