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Weekend Recap – Halloweekend

I have to be honest, the only thing “scary” about this weekend was how much it sucked.
Here’s a quick rundown of this weekend.
Friday night my friends had  a Halloween party. It was your standard post-college Halloween party, costumes, drinking, bars, blacking out. Now that Halloween is over with, I can reveal my costume. Chaney and I KILLED it as LMFAO. This year I have to say, I saw a lot of group costumes. LMFAO, Super Heroes, 2 Sets of Waynes World, the typical couple costumes, the 3 blind mice, and some Mario Kart action.
One of my favorite costumes this year without a doubt has to be this little shit.

Angry Bird

Sileo as an Angry Bird might have been one the funniest costumes of the night. Sileo and an Angry Bird are very similar. Little, Round, and Angry Looking. (Sil, you know I love you)

Killin it as LMFAO

Gotta be honest, first and last time doing something pop culture relate. Seeing other people dressed as the same thing as you is pretty annoying. We had no problem yelling at other LMFAO wannabe’s in the street.

Another costume I have to give an honorable mention to is…

Get It Mia

Mia. Every Halloween Mia’s costumes consist of a short dress, ears, and a tail. Every Year. Bee, Cat, Devil etc…
Saturday morning I woke up, didn’t even have the effect of a hangover yet because I was still drunk. I think waking up like that is one of the best feelings. You are still enjoying yourself, everything is still funny  as hell and then you ease into your hangover. Luckily for me, on the ride home I had to pull over so Amanda can throw up on the side of the road, again. Honestly, nothing but class with that girl.
The rest of Saturday was pretty much a joke. It snowed all day and all night. Tree’s fell down everywhere, none of the roads were plowed. I spent all day and night Saturday going bat-shit crazy in my house. Nothing to write about at all. Since I didn’t do anything Saturday I decided to take a heaping dose of my cough medicine with Codeine and enjoy the night.
Since I didn’t have a hangover I can say that I woke up feeling fine. The snow wasn’t a dream, my saturday truly did suck that much. I felt better because I wasn’t the only one to stay in Saturday night. Nothing really was done on Sunday, I had a lot of energy so I didn’t spend the whole day/night in my bed.
Overall, weekend was horrible. I saw about 50 jokes on Facebook/Twitter on how Halloween decided to dress up as Christmas this year and had a raging case of cabin fever from being stuck inside all day.
Sunday was also Face’s birthday. Face marks the first friends birthday at the Hangover Bible. As tradition here, I will post a fine memory from the birthday boy/girl.

Me, Face, Deezy

My finest memory of Face comes from our Spring Break trip. Every night when Deezy, Face and I would be walking back to the hotel we would have to stop for Face so that he could throw up in the bushes/road. We were gone for 5 days, and like clockwork every night on the way home, he would stop and throw up. Face is also an excellent negotiator (getting us another free night in the Bahamas) and loves Salted Cashews. Happy Birthday Buddy!

How was your Halloweekend? What were you? 


Halloween Pregame

Halloween is basically here. It’s that time of you when no matter how cold it is outside the girls will be dressed their sluttiest. In college, it was basically our Christmas.

Every Halloween there are a few things that always happens, 9 out of 10 girls are dressed as slutty as can be, with the excuse “It’s Halloween!”, every guy tries to out-funny each other, the token couple will be in the token couple costume, there’s always that 1 guy who’s costume you just don’t understand and they pull you aside to explain it, and finally, there’s that girl who’s costume just flat out sucks. It happens every year, and if you don’t think so…look around this year.

In a past post of mine I showed everyone that I love the obnoxious costume.Not gonna lie, my costume this year is sick. (Don’t want to give it away too soon)

And now, here comes the costumes of Halloween’s past….

Lenette and Closs killin it with the slutty..

Caption says it all, these two are killin it with the typical “Skanky on Halloween” look. Get it girls.

Woah with that face

If only you can win a costume contest on the faces you make. This costume is an original, looks like a cowboy had sex with a melting duck who farted.


Ahhhhh, gotta love the pop culture costume. How many Snooki’s were there last Halloween? It looked like the world was being attacked by orange guidettes last year. Believe it or not, the little gem in that picture is my 15 year old little brother. Killed it.

If only a picture can tell a story...

Brian single handedly made my Halloween last year. The costume was cool, but when he slammed his sword in our other friends eye (by accident)  put the cherry on top of a great Halloween. Kerns, to this day i’m still so sorry for laughing that hard, but it was one of the funniest things I have ever seen.

Thank you God for this

Our resident 2 day hangover queen clearly doesn’t take Halloween lightly. I can’t even write anything else about this costume because I am dying at my desk looking at that picture hahahahaa

Not his best..but..

Grease is an okay costume and all, but I can’t put a post up about funny shit and not include Chaney in it. I can confirm his costume this year will be 10x better.

Remember the costume no one gets? Here it is..

Sorry if I sound like a hater and all but shit, what the hell were you?

Bill and Sookie


Lets give credit where credit is due. This is the couple costume section. Can’t knock it though, those were legit costumes. When you date a guy like John, like it or not you are going hard with your Halloween costume. I’m actually pretty excited to see what they do this year.

Top Gun +Face

Large Sorority Girls

Legends of the hidden temple

Group costumes always kill it if you do it right way. Above are pictures of three groups who do the damn thing.

Bull as a Taco

Hotdog costume '07

Whoever decided to turn food into Halloween costumes, I would like to take a shot with. Being a piece of food for Halloween is a hilarious concept.

Serious Will

The pose in this picture is amazing. Y0u have to love it when people get into character for Halloween. Above is my buddy Will just playin the part of a vampire. #getitwill

And those were just some of the more memorable costumes from Halloweens past. I wonder whats in store for this year.  I’ll leave you with 1 more thing….

Damn..Happy Halloween from Kayla and her twins..

What are you being this year?

Thursday Throwback – Hello Pub House

Sophomore year of college was the year of the Fake ID. Everyone had one, good or bad. Luckily for me, my older brother is 4 years older than me and we look a like so I was set. One night, three of our friends who lived next door, Tracy, Britt, and Kristin came home from a bar in the city and decided they still wanted to go out. The came to my dorm and somehow talked me and my roommate Will to come out with them. We thought it would be a joke of a night because we only had a team of 5, we were going to some random ass bar that no one has heard of before, it was a Sunday night, and above all else…we were only 19. The 5 of us took a cab to this run down ridicilous bar. You know when you see a movie and the main characters walk into a situation and stand out like a sore thumb? That is exactly what happened to us.

After dodging dirty looks from the locals for the first 5 minutes we sat down and ordered some drinks. We were all practicing our bests lies that night because the stories we told this poor bartender were ridiculous. My lie was that Britt and I were cousins and I was from out of town. In real life, Britt was from California, and we didn’t have one similarity to save our life. The bartender believed it and still believed it after I took a body shot off her. The five of us were really drunk that night. Playing the most obnoxious music on the juke box, taking body shots, going behind the bar and making our own shots and so on.

Here’s when the story goes from 0 to 60. Will and I were pretty drunk and found the basement where they kept all the beer, liquor, and merchandise. The moment we saw this should be compared to a Christmas morning moment. Pure excitement. We stayed in the basement for like an hour, drinking as much of the warmest/free-est beer we can handle. It was great, we would come upstairs and tell the girls, then sneak them some beer too. For broke ass college kids, we found the jackpot. The best part about all of this was that girls kept feeding the bartender so many shots that he was blacked out. At this point, Will and I didn’t even give a shit, it was just natural..”Oh you need a beer? Hold on i’ll go downstairs and get you one.” It was basically our bar. We ended up leaving that night spending like 5 dollars, with armfuls of free shirts, posters, and whatever else we can fit.

Those beers were free.

WIll. Tray, Kris, Me

Me and my "cousin" Britt

After that night we treated this place like a fort, we were very selective who we took out with us. We had a routine, the girls went straight to flirting with the bartender. He would black out, the girls became the bartenders and we had free beers all night.

Slowly but surely this place started getting more attention, everyone started going to it and it wasn’t even a good time there anymore. For Will and I, free beers were out of the question. The girls were still getting attention, but it was nothing like it used to be, only thing we got for free were shots.

Those were free

Once this place got popular it flat out sucked going there.  Everyone was there and you could hardly move. The bartender got beyond paranoid and would yell and scream at everyone the second we walked in. I mean if you have such a problem with it, just check ID’s right? That clearly wasn’t how he rolled. What really put this place on the RIP list was when a fight broke out and we all had to run from the cups. That was rock bottom.

Are you more of a Dive Bar person or a Lounge person? 

HangoverBible Spotlight

Wednesday at the Bible is my favorite day of the week. Every Wednesday I like to do the HangoverBible Spotlight. If you aren’t familiar with the Spotlight it’s very simple. I take 5 of my friends and classify them on how they are drunk/next morning hungover. It’s my way of showing you how dirty I get, with the people I get dirty with.

Today’s roster consists of: Derek, Amanda, Mia, Trevor, and wrapping it up Sileo.

Lets begin, shall we?

Starting us off is Derek.


Derek may be one of the funniest people I know. He’s one of my best friends and most outrageous friends. Going out with Derek pretty much assures you are going to black out that night. When I say Derek goes hard, I mean he goes HARD, I’m talking losing teeth at the bar hard. (I’m not joking) He will go out and get dirty with the best of them. Hangover wise I’m sure he gets them but the next morning when I see him 9 out of 10 times he’s definitely still drunk.

Thatta boy

Up Next – Amanda 

A beast

Amanda is a wild animal when she goes out. One of the most out of control people you will meet. She will make you pee you’re pants laughing while you’re out and even when you get home. Sometime’s Amanda dances on the line of no return. I’m talking text messages making no sense at all, slurring all of her words, even falling and breaking bones. The next morning Amanda’s hangovers are just as wild as she is, she has no problem making you pull over on the side of the road to throw up, actually she has no problem throwing up anywhere. She wears her heart on her sleeve, you know exactly how she is feeling. If you are unlucky enough to be in the carpool with her and she wants to go home she will text the absolute shit out of you to leave. Overall though, she is a hilarious time.

There's our girl...

Tough act to follow, but here’s Mia.

Get It Girl

Thankfully, Mia has calmed down through the years. You don’t get the nickname Noodle Legs for nothing, but that nickname is long gone. Mia is notorious for having two water bottles in her hands, one of vodka and one of a chaser. She can and will throw down with the best of them. Till this day though, Mia will only dance on her birthday, loves to take shots and puts you in the most awkward situations of your life. Mia gets dangerously hungover, I think she may have invented the two day hangover.

She also never has bad pics on FaceBook..

Here’s Trevor the Texan.

Blurry, but hilarious

Trevor was my roommate all 4 years of college. This guy went from hardly drinking in freshman year to killing handles sophomore year, to blacked out fighting junior year, to out of his mind senior year. He went from social drinker to a tank. Trev used to get himself so drunk that he would get pretty vicious bruises, cracked head, cut open eye, random scratches, you name it, he has had it. Going out with Trev always has an uncertainty to it. You never knew how he would get, usually he would be fun though and if you ever wanted to get in a fight, he was the best person to have in your corner. You will always have love for someone who drunkenly pissed in your closet.

Blacked Out Junior Year

Wrapping it up today is Sileo.


Sileo, or as I like to call him, Staten Island Sil is one of the greatest people to go out with. We have a lot of the same clothing which is pretty awkward so before we go out I usually get a text asking “what are you wearing tonight?” It may sound weird to you, but it’s weirder when two of the people you go out with are in the exact same shirt. I joke with Sil that him drunk and sober are the same thing, no difference. I may be kidding, I may not be, I’d like to showed otherwise by him. The one thing that cracks me up about Sil is that he dances on vacation and is a djais VIP.

Sileo last Halloween as "Elliot Roth"

That wraps up the Spotlight today. Check in next week to see if you make it on the list.


The Two Day Hangover

For all those who are reading the title of this post and know how a two day hangover feels, I truly am sorry for you.

I have had a two day hangover maybe once or twice in my life. Thankfully, I am not an expert on these. I got a text message yesterday from a friend, telling me that I missed a hangover on my type of hangover blog. The epic, Two Day Hangover.

(((This post may get a little graphic so read with caution)))


My first two day hangover was one of the worst two days of my life. I was young and it was one of my first times drinking. I had no clue what my limit was and I drank beer, vodka, and took shots of tequila until it started tasting like water. I ripped my pants, had liquor all over myself and somehow was dropped home. (Till this day, it hasn’t been determined how I got home) The next morning I woke up in my bed and felt fine, until I lifted my head from the pillow. The pounding of my head wasn’t even funny. I’m talking flu like symptons bad. I spent the whole first day throwing up until I got to that point where everything is out of your system an it’s basically stomach bile. (I said this was a graphic post) I showered and couldn’t shake the feeling so I spent the whole day dead in bed, thinking I would wake up on Sunday and feel fine. Sunday morning rolls around and let me tell you, I was shit out of luck. I was still getting the shakes, I wasn’t hungry at all, puking was my new favorite thing and I was beginning to question if this was a hangover or if I was actually ill. I also got to the mind frame that everything starts to smell like liquor. Soda – Vodka, Iced Coffee – Tequila, Milk Shakes – Jack Daniels.  That genius move on my part made for unnecessary bathroom trips. You end up getting over them but during that time they might be the worst feeling in your life.

Random side note – My good friend had vertigo and said that one time he drank while he had it and his hangover lasted 1 week. Here we are complaining about a two day hangover and this poor bastard had a seven day one?

I decided to text/gchat some friends and ask about their experiences. Here we go…

Anthony – Have you ever had a two day hangover?  Describe it for me..
Bullard –  Ok day 1- you pretty much want to kill yourself. You try everything in the book to shake this hangover,  tons of water, greasy food , making yourself puke, nothing helps. you’re basically a corpse. Then day 2 comes around.  I woke up and felt like I was hit by a mac truck, you have the headache but the nausea is gone.  Day 2, you upgrade from a corpse to a walking zombie and it’s pretty much a normal hangover day

Anthony – Have you ever had a two day hangover? Describe it for me..
Mike–  It was the worst. It was one of those that comes and goes whenever it wants, you’d think you’re ok like after the shower but then later you walk outside and it smacks you again.

Sounds pretty shitty to me.

Finally, we have the person who asked me to write about this topic in her own personal opinion.

This is called “Ask Cait”

Meet Cait

Anthony– “Alright Cait, I’m doing a post on the two day hangover, tell me all about it.”
Cait–  “Ohhhhhh Sheeeeet. Alright well first day, you wake up wishing you hadn’t. Stumble to the bathroom…look at yourself (wishing you hadn’t) brush your teeth but fuck the shower because lets be real, you need the darkness. Enter Savior Number 1 – Siesta Shades. They literally make your room a cave. Greatest invention since the wine opener. Then you pop about 7 Advil and try to pass out with the TV on low, while you’re randomly screaming at your roommates to shut the fuck up because you “are wayy more hungover than they are”. The majority of the day is spent like that, trying to choke down a Perrier or Gatorade. Finally, wake up around 8 or 9ish..only to be pissed off that all your roommates ate and smoked a blunt without you. Now you are pissed, grab some pretzels or something easy to eat and go back to the cave where you sulk the rest of the night. You have a horrible nights sleep because now you need some kind of stimulation because you’ve been a waste all day. Wake up mad early the next day in a dazed fog. Definitely grab a coffee and most likely a muffin, something to put in your stomach. But you walk around all day like a zombie, kind of lethargic, like you smoked wayy too much weed but you never did. In this cause you can either give in and smoke if you have nothing to do or if it’s Monday and you have work like me you can just pop an Adderal and face the fact that Ethiopian babies skip meals all the time. So you have a red bull and try to finish the day. No actual work or anything productive gets done at all within these 2 days, and you are most likely a cunt to everyone you come across.”

There you have it, a two day hangover from a classy  ladies perspective haha
Have you had a two day hangover? What was it like?

Weekend Recap – Homecoming

It’s that time of the week again, the only thing that makes Monday morning worthwhile…

The Weekend Recap – Homecoming edition.

This was a great weekend,I got to see a lot of people I haven’t seen in awhile, which is always a good thing. I also got to pretend I was back in college again and get ridiculous.


Friday night a few of us went to our buddies apartment so we can see Paranormal Activity 3. I love scary movies and I don’t get scared during them, but this movie scared the shit out of me. We went to a movie theater that might have also been a zoo/comedy club. This movie theater was ridiculous, everyone thought they were a comedian, after every scary part you had to hear 5 minutes of laughter and jokes from the audience. Believe it or not, movies aren’t an interactive experience, you do have to keep your comments to yourself during them. At the end of the movie I went to the manager complained and got 5 tickets refunded, aka the movie was on them. Not a typical move on my part, but sometimes it’s got to be done.

We ended up not drinking Friday night in preparation for Saturday morning. I always find that so funny, I call it the ‘Christmas Eve’. You get way too excited, go to bed early, knowing what great things the next day will bring. Kind of sad but as a kid it was gifts that made me excited, now as an adult its large quantities of alcohol.


Saturday morning hits, wake up to my alarm set at 9:15, shower, eat, start the day. We started at a kegger at our friends place. It was awesome because to start the day off we had like 9 people on the keg. After a decent amount of drinking games, I have to say I was starting to feel it and it was just hitting noon. We stayed at the keg for a little while longer before making our way to the beer tent. The alumni beer tent is like a right of passage gone wrong, while you’re an undergrad you can’t wait to get in there, and once your in there, its not as great as you thought it would be. After I was not allowed back into the beer tent and almost got arrested for talking to people still in the beer tent I went back to the kegger. We ended up going to one bar, leaving, going to another bar, leaving, and going back to the first bar. I made a pit stop and did work at McDonald’s before going back to the bar. After a lot of shots we decided to go back to the other bar. At this point in the night,I was running on empty and knew I didn’t have that much longer in me. While at the other bar, I had a few more beers,  took a shot of Jack and boom…the rest of the night started getting blurry. I don’t know how much longer we were at the bar for after that. I remember the cab ride home was one of the best rides ever, music bumping, I made up a horror story about how I get hit by a cab before. (Never happened but I like to make em up when they catch me trying to steal their certification) After purposly telling him the wrong way so we would be in the cab longer so I can shake it, I looked back and realized half the cab was asleep, it was time to go home.

Right after Tequila


Kim with the cab driver


Woke up, heard a quick recap of the night, nothing terrible done on my part. Deleted all texts/phone calls..didn’t answer any phone calls for a good hour, and was on my way. Went to the Jets game and continued my Sunday Funday.

Overall – great weekend 5 stars

How was your weekend? 

The People You See Out

You ever have those nights when you go out and get way too drunk? You wake up the next morning with a splitting headache, ready to puke, asking yourself why you did that last night? This happens to me far too often. I’m not much of a drunk texter/drunk dialer but the occasional slip-up does happen. I have fallen victim too many times to waking up the next morning piecing my night together. I love those nights with the random brown out’s but those nights where half  of your night is a blur is a bitch to wake up to. What I like to do to make myself feel better is, simply turn to my phone and just delete every text message and all my calls. The way I look at it is, If I don’t see or remember it, it never happened.


Sometime’s its that easy to act like it never happened, but many of us know the ” Play by Play Person“. I’ll admit, if something hilarious happens the night before it’s fine to tell me about it the next morning. I’m not talking about those people. I’m talking about the people who act like it’s their job to scare the shit out of you the next morning with what you did last night. Almost like they didn’t even drink at all that night, they were working, taking notes on you, so they can let you know everything you did the night before. It’s sad to say but I know a lot of these people, and if right now you are reading this and thinking “Shit, I think he’s talking about me” I might just be.

The Play by Play Person is worse than the “Random Picture Girl” any day. The random picture girl is the one who will just whip the camera out and take a picture of you sneezing because she thinks its necessary. The best is when you ask the Random Picture Girl to take a picture of you and your friends and she refuses because she only likes “candids”. Everyone’s a photographer now a days…my ass.

These next two people are true pains in my ass. The “I don’t drink because of family issues Person” and the “Random Kid from High School“. I understand not everyone drinks, but please don’t come out and make the faces because were all having a great time and you aren’t drinking because your sisters boyfriends dog trainers neighbor had a drinking problem. Stay home, or leave the faces you make when we take a shot home. The Random kid from High School is a hit or miss, you’re either really excited that you ran into them or really annoyed because they might be a clinger for the night. The”Girl Everyone Hooked Up With” usually makes an appearance out at the bars, makes it awkward for a few minutes but then no one really cares. Finally, the person I love running into when I go out is hands down the “Guy Who’s Buying the Shots“. We all know him and we all love him. Whether he comes out with you or you run into him, you know he’s going to make your night 10x better.

Courtesy of the shot guy

There are ton’s of people you run into when you go out, but I had to cut the list somewhere..right?

Do you fit in any of these categories? Tell me some more…

PS – Weekend is finally here..I hope everyone is at their dirtiest